1909 In-Frame Kitchen Collection

1909 is a classic infram kitchen collection with a smooth painted finish. The collection is presented around three core door styles - a  classic Shaker and Ovolo Shaker, which can both be customized with butt hinges and 4 beading options, and a slab door style for a more contemporary look.

Available in standard format or painted in our palette of 30 carefully chosen colors, 1909 also office bespoke sizes with a comprehensive choice of detailed accessorisation to help you create a distance distinctively different look.

1909 balance period features, dedicated proportions and modern functionality. We have drawn from over 100 years of experience craftsmanship to create a collection of beautiful kitchens.


1909-Shaker-Storm Blue

1909 - Shaker



1909-Ovolo-Shaker-Cashmere, Porcelain & Truffle

1909 - Ovolo Shaker

1909 Ovolo Shaker



1909 - Slab

1909 Slab